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The Commander in Chief of the Egyptian Navy Crowned the Tangible Success of the ENHD and Approved its Vision and Strategy 2030

On Tuesday, 10th of August, the Egyptian Navy Hydrographic Department (ENHD) was celebrating its commemorative day which marks its first contribution to the INT chart World Scheme Catalogue by the production of the Suez Canal INT charts 7156 & 7159. ENHD was honoured by the Commander in Chief of the Egyptian Navy (CIC) Vice-Admiral Ahmed Khaled’s visit. The CIC was welcomed by the national hydrographer, Rear-Admiral Dr Ashraf Nabil El-Assal, his deputy, the Heads of Divisions and all the staff at ENHD’s Blue Centre. The visit was planned to mark the new noticeable achievements, discuss ENHD vision, strategy, and its sustainable future. The visit was also in conjunction with the celebration of ENHD’s achieved position in providing hydrographic and nautical services within the Egyptian waters and the success in making these reliable services available on a worldwide scale…

RAdm. Dr El-Assal initiated the presentation by showing his gartitude for the huge and continous support given by the government through the Egyptian Navy to the National Hydrographic office of EGYPT, ENHD,  Followed by an introduction and a general view of what will be discussed during the presentation. He shed light on what was done and the following phases “way ahead 2030”. RAdm. Dr El-Assal  has reviewed the difficulties faced by the ENHD team in the early stages to reach today’s position in promoting the safety of maritime navigation  within the Egyptian waters either for the Egyptian-expanding Navy or for all mariners domestically and internationally. Moreover, he  underlined the perfect planning which proceeded in late 2015 with the objective to prepare, establish, and develop a Big Blue-database which had led to successive achievements and to cover the Egyptian Waters with a consistent, reliable, up-to-date, seamless, and high quality maritime navigational product in 2020.

Our Plan 2015: 2030

RAdm.Dr. El-Assal added “Sir, now we consider the accomplishment of phase 1 of 3,  from our 15-year phased-approach plan ending by the full implementation of the Egyptian MSDI, all the exerted efforts mentioned were done to ensure that ENHD is fulfilling its role while presenting EGYPT to the International Hydrographic Organization IHO and also implementing the IMO requirements under SOLAS convention …. With this pace, I believe that ENHD soon.. will be in the forefront of the region’s leading hydrographic offices”

Furthermore,  the recent situation of the Egyptian Navy Hydrographic Department Research and Development Center (R&D centre) was reviewd, the R&D centre Which will provide services based on scientific studies and data modelling to ensure that our partners and stakeholders are getting the optimum evidence-based information. The centre will cooperate with many national and international R&D centres to provide Geophysical and Hydrographic studies in addition to multiple services such as Oceanographic and Meteorological Studies, Environmental Impact Studies and Shoreline stability.

RAdm. El-Assal concluded the presentation and got the approval from the CIC to start the implementation of the second phase of the plan. The crucial phase will include the migration from a traditional Database to a data-centric  one using CARIS-HPD that will enable ENHD to provide the next generation of navigation services (S-10x products), raise the capacity of personnel to meet the responsibilities of the workload, and start commencing the R&D centre  by a cutting edge technology infrastructure which will be the EG national MSDI’s Kernel that will, of course, generate huge economic benefits to our country specifically in support of the blue economy.

A unique  souvnier of  INT Chart 3554  “Alexandria port ”  gifted by Rear-Adm. Dr  El-Assal on behalf of ENHD team

to the commander in chief  Vice-Admiral Ahmed Khaled

By the end of the event, Vice-Admiral Ahmed Khaled appreciated the teamwork and approved the upcoming work according to the plan. Moreover, the CIC signed and placed a comment in our signature book with such memorial words,

I am so glad about my visit today to ENHD, one of the scientific symbols that have a unique value in our Naval Forces because of what I’ve touched from the advanced level in all aspects of working fields whether scientifically or organizationally or to the infrastructure related capacity(ENHD development plan 2030 ) in addition to the skills that all the team have starting from Rear admiral Dr Ashraf El Assal, the officers, NCOs,  civilians and all the crew who are working as one team, and I also appreciate the team’s soul”

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