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Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure (MSDI)

Revolution in Decision-making, Resource Management, and Efficient Maritime Activities.

Welcome to the forefront of Integrated Marine Spatial Data Management initiative in Egypt.

The MSDI serves a diverse range of users, Including :

Policy Maker


Marine Spatial Planners


The National MSDI plays a pivotal role within the broader framework of the National Hydrospatial programme of Egypt, serving as its cornerstone.

It provides the essential infrastructure to support the current phase of “Information as a Service” in ENHD and is instrumental in facilitating the transition towards delivering “Service as a Service.”

ENHD recognized the need for a MSDI, which will enable a shift to a “Service as a Service” phase.

MSDI will not only optimize data management but also foster collaboration and broader stakeholder participation, unlocking the full potential of hydrospatial data for the maritime sector.

Located at a strategic crossroads in the Mediterranean and Red Seas, Egypt plays a crucial role in global maritime data exchange.

Our location locates as a key hub for various industries such as international communication cables. Utilizing our strategic location and comprehensive hydrospatial data assets, stakeholders can optimize the utilization of Egypt’s abundant natural resources, fostering sustainable development across sectors from energy to tourism.


ENHD collaborates closely with key stakeholders, including:

Organizational MSDI will be ready to use by the end of 2024, operating the Hydrography data theme.

Stay attentive for updates and collaboration opportunities as we navigate through Egypt's MSDI future.

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