The National Hydrographic Office of Egypt
We Provide Hydrographic And Geospatial Data To Defence To Ensure our Navy keeps our Shores Safe
ENHD_Slide4 We hold a wealth of Data that help To unlock Egypt’s huge economic potential ENHD_Slide5 We Deliver Reliable, up-to-date Depth information To Mariners We Support the Blue Economy ENHD_Slide7 We Are Working With Our Partners and Stakeholders To set and raise the standards of the Marine element Slide #
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The Egyptian Navy Hydrographic Department

The Egyptian Navy Hydrographic Department (ENHD) is the national hydrographic office of Egypt, ENHD follows the chain of command straight from the Egyptian Naval HQ. The department has many responsibilities, including but not limited to: Providing hydrographic security for the Egyptian fleets, coastal zone management, Nautical/electronic charts and products for Egyptian territorial waters and maritime safety information and navigation.

ENHD is the official representative of the Egyptian government in the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) and the respective hydrographic commissions of the Mediterranean sea and the Red sea.

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What We Do

Collecting Hydrographic Data

Collecting hydrographic data depending on the IHO standards, to update navigational database charts and to maintain surface navigation safety.

Oceanographic Support

Offering hydrographic and oceanographic support for the naval operation, putting forward Maritime safety information promptly which aids with navigation.

Nautical and Electronic Charts

Paper and Electronic Nautical Charts. Producing, distributing and updating nautical charts of the Egyptian territorial waters in both paper and electronic formats.

Scientific Studies

Engaging scientific studies related directly to the sea and near-shore zones.

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Appointment of New National Hydrographer of EGYPT

Rear Admiral Dr.

Sameh Soliman Mohammed

1st of January 2024.

Rear Admiral Dr.

Sameh Soliman Mohammed

Director of ENHD

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