The National Hydrographic Office of Egypt
We Provide Hydrographic And Geospatial Data To Defence To Ensure our Navy keeps our Shores Safe
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The Egyptian Navy Hydrographic Department

The Egyptian Navy Hydrographic Department (ENHD) is the national hydrographic office of Egypt, ENHD follows the chain of command straight from the Egyptian Naval HQ. The department has many responsibilities, including but not limited to: Providing hydrographic security for the Egyptian fleets, coastal zone management, Nautical/electronic charts and products for Egyptian territorial waters and maritime safety information and navigation.

ENHD is the official representative of the Egyptian government in the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) and the respective hydrographic commissions of the Mediterranean sea and the Red sea.

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What We Do

Collecting Hydrographic Data

Collecting hydrographic data depending on the IHO standards, to update navigational database charts and to maintain surface navigation safety.

Oceanographic Support

Offering hydrographic and oceanographic support for the naval operation, putting forward Maritime safety information promptly which aids with navigation.

Nautical and Electronic Charts

Paper and Electronic Nautical Charts. Producing, distributing and updating nautical charts of the Egyptian territorial waters in both paper and electronic formats.

Scientific Studies

Engaging scientific studies related directly to the sea and near-shore zones.

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Egypt National Hydrographer


Rear Admiral Dr.

Ashraf EL-Assal

Director of ENHD

I am honored to be appointed as a director of the Egyptian Navy Hydrographic Department

Due to our unique geographical location which is considered as the connection between the East and West through the Suez Canal, Egypt is committed to ensure the safest navigation within its waters depending on my highly experienced team
that is dedicated to their work here in Alexandria.

Our strong efforts to plan, implement and prioritize the survey of the Egyptian waters has had an extremely positive outcome of 100% Coverage of our waters surrounding the Mediterranean coastlines of Egypt.
Therefore, starting this year the coverage of the red sea has commenced from the southern approach of the Suez Canal. Taking into consideration the most significant gaps in the Red Sea.

A Pragmatic procedure and coordination with the responsible authorities ensuring that the timely dissemination of up-to-date maritime safety information (MSI) is now
better than ever before.


As a result of the efforts shown by the Egyptian Government to raise our capacity

through  Egypt’s Sustainable Development Plan 2030. It is clear that significant progress has been made by ENHD serving the international mariner within the past five years.

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