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Egyptian Charts Distribution

ENHD has established itself as a reliable and efficient producer of paper charts, both INTernational and local.

Through an agreement with Edwardo Marine Services, who has substantial experience spanning over four decades in the paper chart distribution industry, along with a broad network of more than 357 distribution nodes, 

ENHD ensures that Egyptian charts are available worldwide.

Looking to purchase Egyptian charts please contact:

Register your product in order to receive updates and notices to mariners via E-Mail

  • Fill in the registration form.
  • Put your product registration numbers. ( Multiple registration numbers could be added comma separated in case you desire to register multiple navigational products).
  • You will receive an automatic reply with all necessary information required for the registration.
  • Fill in all required fields ( those will be marked by “#” ) and send this e-mail back to register@egcharts.com without changing the message subject.
  • After you receive the product activation number, please write it down in the designated space on the back of your product. ( you will be requested to provide this number in case of technical assistance and customer support )
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