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Mission & Vision

The Egyptian Navy Hydrographic Department (ENHD) is the national hydrographic office of Egypt and it follows the chain of command the Egyptian Naval HQ. The department is responsible for many different things including: providing hydrographic security for Egyptian fleet, coastal zone management, Nautical and electronic charts products for Egyptian territorial waters, Maritime safety information and navigation.

ENHD is the official representative of the Egyptian government in the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) and the respective hydrographic commissions of the Mediterranean and Black sea.

Our Mission

  • Offering high quality Hydrographic services within the Egyptian waters.

  • Collecting and archiving hydrographic data according to IHO standards.

  • Coastal management.

  • Ensure Safe Maritime Navigation within the Egyptian waters.

  • Hydrographic and oceanographic Support of Naval operation.

  • Exploitation of Marine Resources.

  • Preparation and production of paper and electronic charts.

  • Maritime Boundary Delimitation.