Meteorology and Oceanography Services

Combining the expertise and high-end technologies for meteorological and oceanographic observations and services, our meteorology and oceanography division provide the Egyptian fleet, commercial sector, fisheries and researchers with accurate, timely and reliable information needed to better understand the environment around, ensure marine environment preservation and to maximize the exploitation of marine resources, these services include:

  • Weather Forecasting

  • Waves Heights

  • Tides & Sea Levels

  • Sea Temperature & Salinity

  • Current & Tidal Movement

  • Coastal Modelling

  • Environmental Studies

  • Magnetic / Gravity Surveys

Navigation Services

Our navigation division with the coordination with the Egyptian Authority for Maritime Safety (EAMS) ensure to forward the MSI directly to NAVAREA III & IX coordinators alongside with supplying the Egyptian fleet with all the Nautical Publications and MSI needed to safely plan and execute their missions of defending, securing and monitoring the Egyptian borders.

offering educational and training programmes for the Fleet to provide well trained and prepared officers ready to face any circumstances that may occur during their missions and ensure their total familiarisation of the newest technologies and equipment in the field.

Logistics Services

The logistics division is responsible for supplying the Egyptian Fleet with the high-end equipment and latest technologies available in the markets offering a variety of equipment that best fit each vessel on itself

Technical Support

Our highly expertise in the Technical Support division offers 24/7 support and maintenance services for the Egyptian Fleet.