Welcome To ENHD

ENHD Team Qualifications

A group of highly qualified IHO/FIG/CIA certified professional hydrographic surveyors and cartographers who have extensive experience within this field are appointed to control both field and office work, their qualifications consist of:

  • Bachelors degree in Marine Science and Technology.

  • Local basic and advanced courses in Navigational Science.

  • Basic and advanced (Cat A, Cat B) In Hydrographic survey courses in the United Kingdom (HMS).

  • Basic and advanced (Cat A, Cat B) in Hydrographic survey courses in the United State of America.

  • Basic Hydrographic survey courses in Italy (IMA).

  • Hydrographic Data Management courses in Italy (IMA).

  • Advanced Cartography Course in the United Kingdom.

  • Postgraduate studies in Hydrography at Egyptian Universities.


Two Route Survey Vessels

Two survey Motor Boats

Three Zodiacs

Oceanographic ship (contracting)

Single beam Echo-sounder (single, dual frequency)

High-Frequency Multi-beam Echo-sounder (shallow water)

Low-Frequency Multi-beam Echo-sounder (Deepwater)

MHRS Motion sensor

Digital Side Scan Sonar (KLEIN 3000)

ROV (Sea Rover)

Sub bottom profiler (SES 2000)

DGPS (Beacon correction-EGNOS corrections)

HP (OMNISTAR correction)

RTK. High Precession


HypackMax, PDS2000, Pangea, GNSS Solution

Caris S-57 composer, Caris paper chart producer, Caris base editor

SES 1.7, THALES Navigation, CAD Packages, TRITON imaging

Target pro, ISIS sonar, Sonar pro

Our Mission

  • To offer the highest quality of hydrographic services within the

    Egyptian waters.

  • Collecting and managing hydrographic data according to IHO standards.

  • To provide coastal management.

  • To ensure safe Maritime navigation within the Egyptian waters.

  • To provide Hydrographic and Oceanographic support to all Naval


  • Utilization of Marine Resources.

  • Preparation and production of paper and electronic charts.

  • Maritime Boundary Delimitation.

What ENHD Does?

  • Provide coastal zone management.

  • Provide Hydrographic security for the Egyptian fleet.

  • Collect Hydrographic data according to the IHO standards, to update the navigational charts database and to maintain surface navigation safety.

  • Produce, distribute and update paper and electronic nautical charts of the Egyptian territorial waters.

  • Employing scientific studies related to the sea and near-shore zone.

  • Gathering Physical properties of the water column, tides, and currents data.

  • Maintaining and repairing navigational equipment.

  • Offering Hydrographic and oceanographic support for the naval operation, as well as providing timely Maritime safety information (MSI) and aids to Navigation.

How ENHD Does It?

A wide range and constant surveys are conducted by ENHD along the Mediterranean and Red Seas down to latitude 22 degree north, to update paper charts and ENCs regularly. These surveys are carried out using advanced techniques and equipment such as: Multi-beam Echo sounders, Digital Side Scan Sonars, ROV’s, Sub-bottom Profilers, Magnetometers, and HPR. ENHD continuously upgrades the software used in data collection and processing in compliance with IHO related standards to fulfill survey requirements and to guarantee the accuracy of the collected data.

ENHD has a Joint Coordination with the Suez Canal Authority and the Egyptian River Transport Authority (RTA) to establish up-to-date hydrographic database. And executed by both authorities for the purpose of ENCs production for the Suez Canal and inland ENCs for the river Nile by the ENHD.

What are the collected data used for?

  • Provide Hydrospatial Information for Defense.

  • Maritime navigation, traffic control, harbor service area planning including; anchorage area, waiting area, spoil ground and channels.

  • Marine environment preservation, the ENHD team uses online hydrographic surveys and wreck investigation techniques to perform several recovery operations and contain damages resulting from accidents at sea.

  • Correction: Definition of maritime boundaries. ENHD is responsible for delimitation of maritime boundaries and defining the Egyptian EEZ on the base of UNCLOS 82.

  • Utilization of marine resources and lying of submarine cables/pipelines*

  • Naval operations, including Beach intelligence, for selecting the appropriate spot for landing, depending on the information available on the approaches, the beach and hinterland.

  • Scientific studies related to the sea and near-shore zone.